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The Mark of the Tiger

No matter what your connection to Sumner Memorial High School was in the past, your life was impacted as a result of it. In short, it has left its "mark" on you, large or small. It has helped shape how your life has unfolded, and those lives that you in turn have touched. As the primary communication of the Alumni Association, it seems fitting then to celebrate the Mark of the Tiger as the name of the newsletter. On this page you can access all newsletters, past and present. If you find errors or would like contribute something to a further newsletter, please don't hestitate to reach out at info@sumneralumni.org, by leaving a message on (207) 565-3666, or by postal mail at PO Box 94, Franklin, ME 04634. The newsletters available on this page are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader or a PDF-enabled web browser to view.

Current Newsletter:

November 2021

Past Newsletters:

November 2020

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You can sign up for the newsletter using the pop-up form on this page, or you can email us at info@sumneralumni.org with your name, year of graduation (or last year you attended along with grade level), and the best method to get the newsletter to you - your postal mailing address, or your preferred email address.
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